2013_05_23 Rocky Point/The Reef

PelicansMermaidSeedweed bracelaceUrban artifactHoses backride.Sea slug
Sea slug/Meat-EatSea slug/Meat-Eat detailSea slug/Meat-Eat/DetailSea slug/Meat-EatTextur/Patern I likeTextur/Patern I like
ShellSomtething is moving.Ink releaseOctopus eyes.Octopus suckers.Octopus shows up.
OctopusOctopusOctopus ink.Coral珊瑚 Coral

During weekday, we had very quite peaceful beach site. Also full moon, it was cool and windy. Nice big waves enough to play body surfing.
But, it was holiday weekend. Friday night, more people was coming to RV park. We could not stand the loud music play all night. That was only worst thing in the beach. Although, we had really good time here.
我們很喜愛來這裡的海邊, 非假日時我們享受著悠閒寧靜的時刻, 但是假日的周末人潮來時, 就顯得吵雜了.
正好碰到滿月. 風吹的涼爽, 浪也夠大足以用身體來衝浪.
低潮在滿月時, 潮間帶更顯得明顯, 讓我們能觀看此地的岸邊生物, 看到人們在撿蛤蠣, 我們也撿了許多, 好有趣!




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