Scooter trip around Taiwan Part 2

From 2011_06_14 Xiao Liu Qiu to Taitung Jin Lun hot spring town

Post written by Don


Day 3,4,5

The ferry ride from Xiao Liu Qiu was smooth riding. No swells, no chop. We took the first boat out. It came in from Dong Gang fully loaded with groceries for the island locals. They said everyday the first boat the same. Unloading was quite the operation.

From 2011_06_14 to Taitung hot spring town

The scooter ride saw trailer wheel failure of the PVC glue fairly early. We were pretty much limited to 40km/hr for the duration. No big deal, just moving slowly, more time to see the scenery. We went along road 17 to route 1 and then hit route 9 across the bottom of the island. Route 9 is about 30-40km over the mountains. No steep grades and only moderate traffic until we hit the east side of the island. Then it was heavy truck heaven, for them. Us at only 40kmh were pretty much just a slow moving obstacle. We stopped at the first 7-11 for a much deserved butt break and saw a sign for a hot springs 300M up the road.

The little hot springs place is really great.  I think we are the only customers. I was about to hang a U turn when we were greated by 5 dogs, but the owners convinced us that we would really like it. We have since got to know the dogs, their names, and their bathing habits.

They have a cold pool fed from the local stream that is about the size of our swimming pool back home, but shallow enough that the little guy can walk in it. Water is constantly flowing through from the stream. They have two hot tubs which are filled on demand. The owner drilled 325M to hit the hot water and then pumps the water up. Lots of red residue and a slight sulfur smell. The little kids are in and out, between hot and cold. Jia has yet to go in because she still has stitches in her leg.

We took a short ride up the mountain top yesterday. Probably did a thousand feet vertical at a steep grade on a narrow concrete road. Nice view of the beach and Pacific from the top. Agriculture of various types all the way up the mountain.

Later we went down to the beach to watch the full moon rise. The waves might be a bit strong for body surfing, but I want to try it some day.


I get a couple hours of work in sitting near the pools at the pavilion before everyone wakes up. Instant coffee
and wireless access. The signal in the rooms is one bar because they are constructed bunker style with the roof level being the same level as the top of the cold pool.

Jia and Ahua are off to Taidong to get the stitches out . The little kids and I took a short scootter ride to the beach and then up another mountain road, had brunch at a breakfast spot, and looking forward to another lazy day. The weather is perfect and the mosquitos are not bad. Kids want to swim…. time to go.

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